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Section 1
Brewing Your First Beer With Malt Extract
1 A Crash Course in Brewing
2 Brewing Preparations
3 Malt Extract and Beer Kits
4 Water for Extract Brewing
5 Hops
6 Yeast
7 Boiling and Cooling
8 Fermentation
9 Fermenting Your First Beer
10 What is Different for Brewing Lager Beer?
11 Priming and Bottling
Section 2
Brewing Your First Extract and Specialty Grain Beer
Section 3
Brewing Your First All-Grain Beer
Section 4
Formulating Recipes and Solutions


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Chapter 11 - Priming and Bottling

11.5 Using PrimeTabs

PrimeTabs (manufactured by Venezia & Company) are high quality, sanitized tablets of corn sugar that you can add directly to your bottles. There is no mixing or boiling required. The tablets are sized such that you can adjust the level of carbonation in your bottles depending on the style and your tastes. For a low carbonation level, typical of a British draught ale, use 2 PrimeTabs per 12 oz. bottle. Use 3 for a more average carbonation level and use 4-5 for a higher carbonation level like that of American lagers. PrimeTabs are sold in packages of 250 tablets, suitable for priming an entire 5 gallon batch. By using PrimeTabs, you can eliminate one siphoning step (from the fermenter to the bottling bucket) and reduce the risk of oxidation.

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Priming and Bottling
What You Need
When to Bottle
Bottle Cleaning
What Sugar Should I Prime With?
Priming Solutions
Using PrimeTabs
Bottle Filling
Priming and Bottling Lager Beer
Drinking Your First Homebrew
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Appendix A - Using Hydrometers
Appendix B - Brewing Metallurgy
Appendix C - Chillers
Appendix D - Building a Mash/Lauter Tun
Appendix E - Metric Conversions
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