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Brewing Your First Beer With Malt Extract
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Brewing Your First Extract and Specialty Grain Beer
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Brewing Your First All-Grain Beer
14 How the Mash Works
15 Understanding the Mash pH
16 The Methods of Mashing
17 Getting the Wort Out (Lautering)
18 Your First All-Grain Batch
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Formulating Recipes and Solutions


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Chapter 16 - The Methods of Mashing

16.5 Summary

When all is said and done though, single rest infusion mashing is the easiest method for producing an all-grain wort. The most common homebrewig mash schedule consists of a water-to-grain ratio of 1.5-2 quarts per pound, and holding the mash between 150-155F for 1 hour. Probably 90% of the beer styles in the world today are produced with this method.

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The Methods of Mashing
Single Temperature Infusion
Multi-Rest Mashing
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Appendix B - Brewing Metallurgy
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